Little Fishes and Dolphins

Little Fishes and Dolphins are special Sunday worship events for our younger folks. Little Fishes meet in the Church and welcome Early Years children - in fact from a very young age through to 5 -   along with parents or carers, whilst Dolphins, who range from 6+ years to about 9 years, meet in their own special Upper Room. Any young people older again (calling themselves Lantern Fish)   have a chance to meet together with John Squares in the Vestry for a look at things in a way more suited to their age.

All three groups meet on the second Sunday of each month between 10.00a.m. and 10.30a.m. ahead of the usual Morning Service which begins at 11.00a.m. But for our young people, that time signals Cinema Sunday, and instead of joining in the Service, they sit back in the Upper Room and enjoy Christian Videos/DVDs.

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Sunday 14th July
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Sunday 14th July
10:30am - Morning Worship
with Tony Judd (Circuit Local Preacher)