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IGNITE….. Exciting things for the Children to enjoy whilst the adults have their own worship. Their activities are mainly in the Upper Room: Sunday, 2nd December 11.00a.m. Ignite Sunday, 9th December 11.00a.m. Ignite Sunday, 16th December 11.00a.m. Cafe Carols 'The Gospel according to Sheep' Sunday, 23rd December 11.00a.m. Ignite Sunday, 30th December 11.00a.m. NO Ignite LITTLE FISHES, DOLPHINS, and LANTERN FISH— Meet on the second Sunday of each month at 10.00a.m., so see you all on 9th December and then 13th January LITTLE FISHES: Activities, Songs and Worship for early years children and their carers. Meet in the Sanctuary. DOLPHINS: Activities and Worship for children aged 6/7 upwards, meeting at the same time as Little Fishes, but in the Upper Room. LANTERN FISH: Some of our older Young People have chance for chat in a more adult way. They meet in the Upper Room alongside the Dolphins, but doing their own thing
Prayer for the day
For the last week of the school term now beginning to come to a conclusion, some schools already closed, and throughout the week the holidays will begin and the various festivities of services, plays, pantomimes, parties are completed for another year, may the true Spirit of Christmas be with all children and staff as they turn towards home, turn ’Outside/In.
Events & Services
Sunday 23rd December
11:00am - Morning Worship
with Rev. Pam Butler
with At St.Philip and St. James Church
Monday 24th December
Tuesday 25th December