So.....What's the Story cont.

by Judy Povey  |  Posted at 11:07am on 25th February 2020

So……..What’s the Story ? Moved into another chapter once the Christmas busyness, the Services, and time with our families and friends had flowed through.

The chapter opened with the appointment of Rev. Rod Hill, presently the District Mission Enabler working with the Ma nchester and Stockport Methodist District, as our Minister until 31st August 2022. Rod is giving us one day a week to cover administration, governance, mission planning and such, as well as one preaching appointment per month. We welcome Rod amongst us, and look forward to working with him over the next  18 months. However, Rod will be on sabbatical from 1st March to  1st June 2020 and planning cover for this will be made known in due course.


Also appointed as associate minister for the same period of time is Rev Pam Butler, with her role being a focus on pastoral care. We are aware already of the gift Pam has in pastoral support, and the love and care she has already shown to our church family has been amazing.


Good news, then, that we had ministerial cover and the congregation were looking forward to the coming months with help from Rod and Pam, when suddenly we were faced with the saddest news that, quite unexpectedly Peter Young had become very seriously ill, and within a couple of days he had died. The church was stunned, we could not absorb the reality of what had happened—but it had and somehow we had to come to terms with the event, and keep going.  We needed help, we needed prayers; Rev. Pam’s prayers the following Sunday gave us both—here are one or two excerpts………..’The more you love, the more you hurt’; Peter lived out his faith in tangible form in his love and care of his family; but Peter and his loved ones are part of the family of God, the Body of /Christ in this place; all that Peter did is not lost, for he shared his acquired knowledge and experience, and in that sharing made the church a stronger place, this body hurts badly today, but /God within will heal us, God amongst us will heal his church, 

(A message from Marjorie  and the family: During the past few weeks we have been overwhelmed by the love, kindness, and practical support we have received from our Church family, the Circuit, and friends in  the Village following Peter’s sudden death. Thank you seems so inadequate for the care and love we have been shown . Our thanks to the Rev. Pam for her gentle and caring ministrations, and our special thanks must go to Rob for his wonderful kindness and love during this sad and difficult time.


What a chapter for January. Add into the sadness, the loss of a lady, long connected with our Church, Pam Chetwood—and we surround Ron with our love as he comes to terms with losing his wife and lifelong partner and soulmate. We think of those who have suffered ill health since Christmas, others who have had operations for carpal tunnel syndrome, a half hip replacement ……….and we know that the church family has shown kindness and love in so many ways to each other during this very difficult  month.


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