Prayer 20:20 - Friday, 20th November

by Judy Povey  |  Posted at 20:56pm on 20th November 2020 Psalm (Tune Brother James' Air)

Psalm 23 Covid Version Clare Stainsby May 2020:

The Lord is my companion in social isolation, I am never alone. He gives me rest in the comfort of my own home. He leads me along familiar pathways as I take my daily exercise. And he restores my peace. He leads me forwards, day by day through this strange existence. Even though death and sadness is all around me, I am not afraid, because you are with me. You hold my hand, you steady my anxious thoughts, You remind me, it’s one day at a time. I am well fed in spite of all the turmoil. I am blessed in an abundance of ways. Surely you will be with me, Surely your love, patience and peace will surround me Throughout this time of uncertainty and far beyond. I am with you, and you are with me always to the end of time.


Tim Baker All We Can           

Loving God, we thank you for your unfailing presence, through all times including times of uncertainty. We thank you that you are closer than the air we breathe, and ready and willing to connect with each one of us, as we turn to you. We pray for one another, recognising that every person has something to bring to the way ahead you have planned for your churches. Our eyes be fixed on you, our feet be ready to take us where you lead, our hands be ready to act in your name, and our hearts to be open to receive from you, to worship you, and to give ourselves to you, each day. For we only exist as your church for your purposes. Amen.


Lord I’m sorry for the things I have done and shouldn’t have done, for the things I have said and now wish I hadn’t, the things I thought and now regret.

The damage has been done, the time has passed and it’s too late to apologise.

Thank you that I can turn to you and say “sorry” knowing that you will forgive me and I can start again in a new relationship with you.  Amen

Hilary Jefferies, worship leader, Stockland Green Methodist Church, Birmingham


Lorraine Davis, Wesley’s Chapel:

Lord, you set us all as caretakers of your creation. Forgive us that we have been so slow to take on the responsibility. Bless and inspire scientists and engineers who are working to devise ways of easing the strain we put on the earth; Bless and inspire financial leaders to create and enact environmentally responsible policies and the courage to make responsible stewardship fit seamlessly into our daily lives. Help us all to walk more gently on your earth and live more gently with each other. Amen.

We pray for the people of the United States of America as they come to terms with the result of their recent elections, and for all governors and rulers of our world as they shoulder this heavy burden of guiding their people through these times of pandemic. Give  strength and wisdom that in their decisions they always put love first. May they be truthful and fair, showing integrity and grace as they strive for the best ways forward for all their peoples.


Magnet Magazine Page 23:

As we thank you God for our families who are so important and dear to us, we remember those who are in broken relationships, those suffering abusive treatment, children who can find no love or adequate care in their home. We pray that healing and comfort may come to them and we give thanks for those charities and personalities who strive day by day to bring relief by ensuring that children are provided with food and nurture.


District Prayer Handbook Page 4:

We pray for our young people,  that their faith may continue to grow even though they are not currently able to meet. Some are part of the Black Lives Matter movement, others have been involved in the climate change strikes, or are affected by the uncertainty over education.

Page 19;

Give us your strength and courage to stand up for them against violence, bullying  and abuse in its many forms, to support those who suffer discrimination, oppression, intolerance, and injustice and to be ever caring of them. Help us to hear the voices of those who need us to understand and acknowledge their stories and to walk alongside them on their journey.

Help them, through us, to experience the compassion and peace of your love, to hear the profound message of the gospel and to see your church as a refuge and a place to heal.


Page 9, Rev. Andrew Wood, Chair Southampton District:

God who reaches out to us in love, cascading grace to all creation, may we be disciples who respond to your overwhelming, unconditional, unbounded presence. May we each respond to your invitation to share in your mission with all our heart, will, mind and strength. May we respond to your spirit who calls us to reimagine our communities in the light of your grace. And may the gospel enliven our spirits to see possibilities, to grasp opportunities and to travel in the way of Jesus, Amen.

Page 20:

The Methodist Church has chaplains in a wide variety of contexts across the land. Some are ordained, many are lay, all seek to express the missions of God in a context away from our church buildings and with different communities from those usually in our buildings.  We pray for chaplains in hospitals and hospices, those who are chaplains to Further and Higher Education, to the Police, to Methodist Day Schools, to the military and the Royal British Legion. We pray also for the Chaplains to Methodist Homes for the Aged communities, thinking of the residents and their families and friends; for Music Therapists working with people living with dementia and other issues,  for all bringing light, hope, love and a listening ear, whatever their faith or belief; we hold in our prayers the MHA leadership teams, charting the  way through stormy water and for all their staff, giving so much of themselves day after day.

Page 26: The Chapel in the fields:

We thank God for the beauty of the seasons, for the seeds planted in the nearby fields, then nurtured, matured, and harvested; teach us Lord in the ways of your Kingdom as we  wait with patience for signs of your hope.

We hear with hope of a vaccine coming into our  changed world that will  awaken in us the ability to work for your Kingdom.

We pray for Christians in the workplace and the areas of the arts, sports and media that God will use them to support and influence others and offer hope in despair when work has terminated, for whatever reason, and to share that hope with gentleness and respect.

‘Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect’ (1 Peter 3:15).

A Psalm of lament and praise in a time of coronavirus

How shall we praise you, Lord, our God?
When we are locked down,
how shall we praise you?
When the doors to your house are barred,
and your people cannot assemble? 
When those desperately in need of money and work
cannot even wait in the market-place?
When we have to circle round people in the street,
and to queue for shops maintaining safe distance?
When we can only communicate 
by hearing on the phone,
or seeing on the screen;
or digitally messaging,
or even just waving through a window?
When we cannot meet our parents and children,
grandparents and grandchildren,
or other family members and friends?
When we cannot touch them in their flesh and blood,
to know they are really alive?
How shall we praise you?
How, like Thomas, shall we not see yet believe
that your son is raised among us?
How shall we praise you?

How can I praise you, Lord?
Are you plaguing us with this virus
to punish us because we have all done wrong,
or thought wrongly,
or felt wrongly,
or just been wrong?
If so, why do only some die,
and those, apparently, the ones who are the least worst or most caring amongst us?
Or are you trying to teach us a lesson?
If so, why is it so hard to learn?
And how are we to find the answer 
when we do not even know the question?
Or are you still the same loving God,
coming to us in our sufferings
and opening up the way to new life in Jesus?

Lord, I will try to praise you.
Through gritted teeth,
I will try to praise you. 
I will try to remember that you have created all things,
and this virus is part of your creation.
I will try not to hate it
but seek to mitigate its harm.
I will try to keep myself and others safe.
I will work to pray for them
and seek to help in whatever way I can.

Lord, when I cannot pray or worship
help me be aware of all your people 
and your saints and angels
hovering around me,
lifting me up.
When I feel alone,
let me feel you near me,
even if only for a moment that enables me to go on.
Let me hear you say
“Peace be with you”.

Lord, I will praise you.
Let all the peoples praise you.

 The Revd Kenneth Howcroft

Heavenly Lord, as we leave the day behind and seek rest, we commit to you the stresses and worries that we have carried. We breathe deeply and thank you that you refresh our souls. We thank you for each sunrise and sunset we have seen and pray that we will feel your presence tomorrow when we wake. We pray for our sisters and brothers around the world who go to sleep tonight in fear, facing uncertainty over tomorrow. Bring your peace and comfort to them tonight. Wake us in the morning with the determination to do our part in making the world a more loving and fair place for everyone. May we reflect your love and kindness. Amen (The Day thou gavest Lord has ended)