POSADA is on its travels!

by Judy Povey  |  Posted at 09:57am on 17th December 2019

Our POSADA set off on its travels on Advent Sunday, and is on the last stage of its journey as we speak, before coming to rest in the Church on Christmas Day.

The Posada is a knitted nativity which moves daily from one home to another, visiting families, the housebound, the young, the elderly, those living alone, or maybe caring for a family member. The nativity stays at those addresses for one day before packing up and departing, but always leavng behind a token to indicate that Christ has visited that home. The token? A little sheep - surely letting people know that the Good Shepherd, Jesus, has been amongst them.

This photograph was taken at the home of one of our members whose husband needs much care on a daily basis, and she set up the Posada in such a beautiful way for the period it was in their home. It captures the essence of this Mexican tradition, and the joy such a simple act can bring.

Thank you to all who are taking part, we are each bringing Love, Hope, Joy, and Peace to others in being part of Posada.