Minister's Letter July-August 2019

by Rev Sue Swires  |  Posted at 11:23am on 23rd July 2019
Few words to absorb as some of you slip into holiday mode, travel, family arrangements to the fore, and whatever you’ll be doing or trying not to do during summer. The Taize Cross symbol brings us a blessing, as it brings the dove of peace and/or the Holy Spirit into our thoughts if we take time to simply reflect and bring it to mind in quiet moments. I have never been to Taize- but I know people who have taken that journey. I have never led a Taize service, though many assume that I fit in a box that bears that label. But I did fall upon an early Taize prayer book during my college days, well-worn but more than serviceable, which continues to earn a worthy place on my desk, and in which I find words which have addressed my prayer needs in many times and situations. It is my privilege and joy to be offered an open Taize door at this point where instinct and continuing steps in faith offer opportunity for the Spirit’s moving. Beside whatever label or tag you find peace, healing and recovery in the weeks ahead, know the blessing and take it to heart. Rev Sue Swires
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    The Christian Aid Prayer Diary quotes Psalm 96v12:Then shall all the trees of the forest sing for joy before the Lord. Praise God for trees, the lungs of the planet. Give thanks for our partners in Kenya, Burundi and across the world who are planting trees to preserve soil, prevent flooding, and absorb carbon dioxide in response to the urgency of climate change. Pray for protection of the forests of the world, where trees have become the victims of consumerism and treated as a commodity, rather than as the precious lungs of the planet that they are.
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