Minister's Letter for March 2019

by Rev Sue Swires  |  Posted at 10:52am on 12th March 2019
Lent is almost here. Time to look at ‘where our treasure is (Matt 6:21), for there our hearts will be also. Time to revisit our motives and priorities, what drives our praying and our giving? Are we storing up ‘treasures on earth’, placing our souls in the wrong place? Time to recognise, and learn from, each other. This marks the first in an occasional series where church folk are asked to inform us of their passion, and how they work out, with their God-given gifts, some part of their faith journey. Denny Archer shares her work with our ‘Breakout’ Youth Club. She writes: Breakout - is now into its fourth year for young people who are in school years 7 – 10 meeting on the 2nd and 4th Monday of the month during term time from 7:00pm to 8:30pm at church. We use the large and small hall and the cellar - which is known as The Net – a very popular meeting place! From September a new group of 15 youngsters come regularly with most coming from non-church backgrounds. We currently have two leaders Denise Archer and Will Swires, one adult volunteer and a young person, from the previous group of youngsters, who comes once a month to run the tuck shop and is a great asset! We also have another young person who is in training as he will be too old to attend after the summer holidays. Our activities consist of a pool table, table tennis, table football, darts, badminton, hockey, basketball, football, dodge ball (all with a soft foam ball, I might add)! games console, craft, non-bake cooking, chill-out zone and a tuck shop. The young people have a freedom of choice of activities, but we also put in some structured ones as well. Occasionally we decamp to the Upper Room in church for a film night, the next one being ‘The Greatest Showman’. At the end of every session we all gather together for ten to fifteen minutes to share news, concerns for prayer and to bring the gospel of Jesus to the young people in a way which relates to them in todays world. Finally, we finish with a prayer. The youngsters like it, the parents like it and has led to some surprising conversations! Please pray for this valuable outreach into the community and those who lead it as we seek to reach out to the seekers and the ‘don’t knows’. Amen! And Amen! Take Lent seriously. Give God your time in praying it and living it, Rev Sue Swires