Minister's Letter for June 2019

by Rev Sue Swires  |  Posted at 11:12am on 14th June 2019
Dear Friends, What a cruel, vicious world we’re living in. Having just endured watching the news, there’s abuse at all levels, bullying, physical, intimidating abuse. There’s collapsing industry, commerce, government, health and care systems, and all of it has experts playing the ‘blame game’. Has there ever been a time when individuals and organisations have been so vicious in their disregard of each other, with one-upmanship seeming to pass muster, bad behaviour, nasty rhetoric seeming to be acceptable, whilst social networking trolls are unleashed to inflict immeasurable, lasting damage? Add global crises from poverty, to disease, to ecological concerns, and the list is endless. I'm gonna lay down my burden, down by the riverside Down by the riverside, down by the riverside I'm gonna lay down my burden, down by the riverside I'm gonna study war no more...............................................altogether now......! We need to know that all can be made new. As long as the water flows, re-creation is possible, all things are possible, and we can lay down our burden, refuse to study war, and build a few bridges. ‘Shalom’ Because there is no oxygen for fear to breathe. No room for fear to move. No water in which fear might swim. Because the peace of Jesus has soaked us to the bone, and nothing can wring it out. That’s what Jesus brings. To us. Let us marvel, and savour, and make it our mission to continue his mission, and take this peace—which passes all understanding—to the ends of the earth. And to the inner chambers of our hearts. Because, O Jesus, do we ever need it. Rev Sue Swires