Minister's Letter for January-February 2019

by Rev Sue Swires  |  Posted at 11:54am on 19th January 2019
New Year? Where did it go...? Even if it crept in for us rather than bouncing in with a party and celebrations, it seems long ago. Reality bites, and for some of us new year has already proved a challenge, be that of overwhelming emotions, where illness is draining, where challenges of family demand more energy than we can find, any more than we can find the time to pray. Life isn't always lived in the safe places, and that’s hard for those who work hard at making safe places, ensuring a sound environment, making every experience as safe as it can be: Life happens during sleepless nights and worry-filled days. Life happens in the families that we have been given, even if they're not always the ones we would have chosen. Life happens in the churches that are thriving and in those that wonder how they'll keep the lights on, if not for themselves then for the next generation they hope to reach with the love of Jesus. Life happens in the uncomfortable conversations we'd rather not have but must. Life happens everywhere that people exist, which means that life happens on cloudless days, and it happens on every other day too. When we find ourselves exactly where we never wanted to be, if somehow, we're able to listen through our fear and our pain and our tears and our hurry, perhaps we might hear the echoing words of the One who loves us so very much and who never leaves us: You are my beloved child, and in you I am so pleased. This assurance is enough! Maybe these words will bring us a bit of peace where peace is so rarely found. We can take confidence and manage to keep our head above water beloved and bedraggled as we may be in the waters of life, because we know with certainty this one thing: Jesus went into the water and came out again, and so indeed shall we. May we look to the past with gratitude And to the future with hope, unafraid of hopes and dreams, yet realistic about our limitations. May we realise the significance of moments together. May we also gather courage for today and tomorrow. May it be so. Rev Sue Swires