Letterfor November

by Judy Povey  |  Posted at 10:42am on 14th November 2019
So……..Half Term is over, the schools are back, and the daily routine is ramping up once again. It’s all about Christmas now, is the cry we hear…...and, yes, the shops are filled with Christmas gifts, and the garden centres equally so, with notices of the Christmas Grotto opening in but a couple of weeks. But -wait, What a privilege it was last Sunday, 3rd November, to help St.Philip and St.James by hosting their All Souls Service and to hear members of the Deanery Choir perform Faure’s Requiem. To sit in amongst the music, the atmosphere, and the feeling of spiritual awareness as we remembered in the Service, and listened to names being read out of those who were greatly loved but now no longer with us here in this earthly world. The feeling of Remembrance continues as we journey on this week, seeing more and more people wearing poppies as the days go by, until, on Sunday, 10th November, we will be sharing in services across our community or watching national events on television. It is always an important day as we pause to remember those who have fought in conflicts and wars so that we, our children, our grandchildren and future generations may live both in freedom and a more peaceful world. Those men and women who fought for our country are people we should remember with pride, many paid the ultimate sacrifice, others suffered for the remainder of their lives, whilst some were fortunate to be able to return home to their loved ones and pick up the threads of life again. But—wait. Our journey continues through November. As we go to press we have just passed Remember, remember the 5th November and the doings of Guy Fawkes as he tried to blow up Parliament. Fireworks all round! Facetious, maybe, but it does us good to remember that we are heading into a period of waiting as we travel towards Thursday, 12th December, and learn the result of our recently announced General Election. Much to contemplate as we journey towards the start of Advent on Sunday, 1st December, much to remember, and plenty to wait for. But, on that day our Advent Ring will be put into position, and although we recognise that Advent is most definitely a period of waiting, we also know that the weeks are on countdown and our journey towards celebrating the birth of the Light of the World is getting near. Waiting is quite a difficult thing to do, depending on what it is you are waiting for. This year, we have had to wait several months before being able to take a short break, but very recently we spent a few days in the Lake District. Oh my, were we fortunate—the weather was wonderful, the air was frosty and very fresh in the mornings, and we were treated to some stunning scenery, absolutely stunning. The hills were sharp against the bright blue skies, the waters were equally sharp in reflecting the images around them, and the sun never disappeared. I am a very proud Cumbrian at the best of times, but to say our short visit was worth the wait was something of an understatement ! The colours of the leaves were beyond imagination, and it was hard to think of them as being in the process of dying. Yet, we believe that those trees that do lose their leaves, allow that process to happen so that the actual tree itself will survive. The tree takes its fill of the water in the leaves to restore itself, and then lets the leaves go, falling to the ground. But, of course, Mother Nature uses those leaves in other ways, and the tree? Well, it spends the Winter, seemingly lifeless, but—wait, come Spring the tree renews itself and life begins again. Yes, there is much to be said for the waiting periods we encounter through our lives, hard though it might be at times. I recommend to you the journey we shall all travel over the coming weeks—the Remembering, the Reflecting, the Starting of the Advent Season, and the Understanding that in all of our lives there have to be periods of Waiting, during which, like the trees, we trust there will be a time of Renewing for each and every one. Enjoy the Journey and the Waiting! Judy Povey, Church Secretary