Letter for December 2019

by Judy Povey  |  Posted at 12:24pm on 10th December 2019

Welcome to December 2019 CONTACT:

Bethlehem was busy, very busy. Visitors were coming from North, South, East and West to register at the place their ‘House’ belonged to, and as   Joseph was descended from the House of David, he and his Wife, Mary, had to journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem to make sure he was correctly registered. Quirinius, the Governor of Syria had ordered this registration to take place and everyone had to follow his instruction.

Not a good time for Mary, her pregnancy was nearing the time for her delivery and surely such a journey would be the last thing she needed to do. To make matters even more difficult for her, Bethlehem was so full, that all available accommodation was already taken when they arrived, even the local inn had nothing to offer; but as a gesture, the innkeeper did offer a space round the back in the stable . With the animals? With no privacy, no comforts? Ah well, better than nothing. BUT…...what a wonderful event took place in amongst the smells, the dirt, the noise of the animals—the Saviour of the World was born. There in those most humble of surroundings, the Baby Jesus came into our world, to live his first days on earth in amongst the squalor, the most base of surroundings, yet bringing too Love, Hope, Joy, and Peace.

In a strange way, the order from Quirinius resonates with the decision by our Government to call a General Election on 12th December, right in the middle of schools rehearsing and presenting nativity plays, concerts, etc., just at a time when church halls are busy getting ready for all the Christmas presentations and Carol Services, absolutely when the Office Party season is in full swing and halls, village halls, and the like are booked for celebrations of all kinds. However do you fit in an Election—at the outset it was said that voting may have to be arranged in garages, caravans, anywhere that was able to turn into a venue for a Polling Station. Maybe even a stable??

I have to admit to rather enjoying the Matt cartoons included in the Daily Telegraph, how he manages to hit the nail each time I do not know, but one recently tickled me somewhat! The text read’ There’s no room for a polling station here at Christmas, you will have to use the stable’.  Very clever! But there is also something very important for us all to note, whoever we may be, and whatever kind of Christmas we enjoy —  the owner of the inn was turning away the Election official in the cartoon and sending him to the stable; But, it is vital that each one of us makes certain we visit the stable this Christmas, because it is there in amongst the noise, the clatter, the mess in the world, we will find the Baby Jesus. Make sure your visit to the stable is definitely on your list. Don’t put it off; the General Election will come on the 12th and candidates will voted in, but the 4 candidates that come to us on the 25th should all be successful if we are to make the world a better place—Love, Joy, Hope, and Peace. What a wonderful and  truly life-changing result that would be!

Wishing you a Peaceful and Blessed Christmas

Judy Povey, Church Secretary