Have we really reached the month of March?

by Judy Povey  |  Posted at 22:52pm on 20th March 2020

Have we really reached the month of March? Are we now into the third month of the year, is Christmas an absolute distant memory, half term well past, and are we heading, at what seems a fast pace towards Easter. The shops tell us we are—the decorations were put away weeks ago, the Valentine cards  have been and gone, and now we are seeing Mother’s Day cards, and Easter Greetings cards. Oh—And the season of Spring is almost upon us, too. My goodness, what a Story!


The month of March is quite a spell of weeks, and, actually quite a story in itself; there are many interesting and significant points in this month that are worth looking at and reflecting upon. So let us start  at the beginning!


* March 1st: St. David’s Day. St. David, the Patron Saint of Wales, was born in Wales circa 500AD and became the Bishop of Mynyw (the town is now called St. David’s), a place of pilgrimage by many visitors  who head to the Cathedral each year.

* March 6th: Annual World Day of Prayer, which always falls on the first Friday in March. This year the Service was written by the Christian     Committee in Zimbabwe, with the theme ‘Rise, take your mat and walk’.

* March 8th: International Women’s Day is held on the 8th day of March each year and is an opportunity around the world to focus on women’s rights. Many inspirational women have been acknowledged on this special day.

* March 9th: Commonwealth Day. Celebrated each year with a Service in Westminster Abbey attended by the Queen, members of the Royal Family, Diplomats, High Commissioners, representatives of all ages from around the Commonwealth, uniformed organisations, musicians of various cultures, flags of every Commonwealth Country, an occasion for us to feel proud of belonging to such a diverse and culturally-rich Family.

* March 17th: St. Patrick’s Day. A day of celebration for the people of

Ireland, and celebrate they do. St.Patrick  brought Christianity to the Irish in the 5th century, so this is a date when religious observance and cultural celebration match each other in importance.

* March 20th: Vernal Equinox, the Season of Spring begins, and we then move to March 21st:  A day we always think of as the First Day of Spring

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens:  Ecclestiastes 3:1 (NIV)

* March 22:     Mothering Sunday  - a date in mid-Lent when girls in service were allowed to go back to their Mother Church; now it is a time when  Mothers are treated in some way, be it to flowers, a meal out, given a gift, and a chance for those of us to think back to our Mothers and their memory. (A post on Facebook recently carried words like these: cherish your parents, or you will lift your eyes from your busy life one day and realise they are gone).

* March 29th: British Summertime begins— so the hour springs forward and we find that what was  6.00a.m. now registers as 7.00a.m. for the next  few months. The hours of daylight begin to lengthen and the time of darkness lessens; the temperatures begin to rise bit by bit and growth in our gardens starts to be more evident. God’s creation turning once again, and we have the evidence once more that He   never fails us.

* March 31st: The last day of the month, will the saying that March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb hold true in 2020—that we do not know as yet. But we do know that along with the change of hour and the signs of growth, so we also see the signs of new life appearing—lambs being born, buds on trees and shrubs, grass beginning to lengthen, and, of course– the weeds!. Creation’s wheels turning!       


 An interesting month, March, and evidence that throughout the days God’s hand weaves through. Be it celebrating a Saint’s Day, Mothering Sunday, acknowledging the amazing variety of cultures across our Commonwealth, identifying with women across the globe who are inspirational and do amazing things for other women who perhaps do not have their own voice, joining in a world Day of Prayer, or however you view the month of March, it has much of a Story to tell us. There may be things we have not identified with directly, but they are there, and more importantly we realise that in every day God’s hand is in the mix, standing out, in amongst everything we do, and in the movement of Creation through the seasonal changes. Tie it all in with the Season of Lent and we see that over the centuries men and women have given of themselves for the sake of others, and made sacrifices so that the world would be a better place.

Lent…….given of themselves……..made sacrifices…..leads us to the events of   Holy Week and Good Friday


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